Who am I?

If James Bond 007 existed, I would be 008. If Batman was real, I’d be Robin. If Mr. and Mrs. Smith were agents, I’d be their cook. If Superman did come from outer space, I’d be his kryptonite. If Men in Black fought aliens, I’d be the black dude. If you have an apple device, the apple logo was design after an apple I took a bite out of. Now you must be wondering, who is this guy?

Well it’s not me.

My name: Mohamed El Mahallawy

Occupation: Student at McMaster University

Mission: To have my ideas, my thoughts and my voice heard.

I am an Egyptian-born Canadian-raised Muslim in love with technology, space, entrepreneurship and leadership. The youth are the leaders of tomorrow and I want to change this world one step at a time. So, help me?

And as my dad always use to say: ‘Smile and you’ll be lucky’



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