Fourth year effect

Ever walked on your way to class and someone you once knew?

I say you once knew because they used to be that person that lived 2 doors down in residence, you sat beside in biology class and did a project in first year with, met at a party, played intramurals with or lost connection over the years. Well, reality is, as the years go by and you progress through your undergrad degree, you begin to climb up Maslow’s Pyramid look-alike where by fourth year you are at the top of the pyramid and very few friends that will soon become your friends for life. At the bottom of this pyramid is all the people you met and friended over the years of university, but just seemed to lose connection with, don’t like them anymore or just don’t see them at all. This loss of connection leaves you in the land of the unknown… It’s when you’re not sure if you are friends anymore with that individual.

The fourth year effect:

You are walking to class and you see someone you once knew. And as you are getting closer and closer to crossing paths, you look each other into the eyes. Thoughts run through your head. These thoughts are probably similar to these:

Option 1- I should say hi. I haven’t seen them in so long but what if its awkward cause they don’t remember me? What if they don’t like me? It’ll be really awkward and it would be really rude if I just walk right past them and pretend like I didn’t see them.

Option 2- I shouldn’t say hi. I am going to save myself the awkwardness for the both of us. But it would be really rude if I just walk right past them and pretend like I didn’t see them.

Most of you go with option 2.

Fourth years, if you experience this… you are not alone. Third years, you may already be getting a glimpse of this. First and second years, beware.


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